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Dear Customer,
VNTEC Co., Ltd would like to send you greetings of cooperation, health wishes and success. To be cooperated with you is an honor as well
as a motivation for improvement & growing of us.

VNTEC was established in August 2019. As a young and newly established enterprise, but with a team of skilled engineers with high professional qualifications, extensive experience in the design, construction, installation, inspection, and operation of systems, clean water and waste water treatment systems for industrial plants, pharmaceuticals and beverage & food.

During the process of formation and development, VNTEC always maintains and strives for its goals of “PRESTIGE – QUALITY – SAFETY”. Therefore, VNTEC constantly strives to bring our customers the best services with the best prices by the creativity continuous, dynamic of VNTEC staff.

In order to integrate with the world as well as improve service quality to customers, VNTEC has given to professionalize the Quality Management System, with the goal of developing a consistent management system according to IS0-9001: 2015. In addition, VNTEC always focuses on investing in modern equipment and technology to improve product quality, improve productivity, and gradually modernize, affirming the position of VNTEC in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

VNTEC’s strategy of sustainable development, taking customer satisfaction as the operating criterion, fast but solid development not only reflected in revenue and profit, but also in product quality and efficiency. economics of our customers.

With the desire to accompany customers in the growing stronger, VNTEC hopes to receive the support and more attention from customers in the near future.

Once again, VNTEC would like to thank the attention, support of customers. We hope, VNTEC will be a friendly and reputable brand that always wins the hearts of our customers.