SUS304/ SUS316L Sanitary Tee Ends Ferrule


Origin: China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korean, Japan…

Standard: JIS, BPE, 3A, ISO, SMS, DIN…

Surface finish: EP, #400…



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Kích thước

10Ax8A, 15AX8A, 15Ax10A, 1Sx8A, 1Sx10A, 1Sx15A, 1,5Sx1S, 2Sx1S, 2Sx1.5S, 2.5Sx1S, 2.5Sx1.5S, 2.5Sx2S, 3Sx1.5S, 3Sx2S, 3Sx2.5S, 4Sx2S, 4Sx2.5S, 4Sx3S

Vật liệu

SUS304, SUS316L


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