What is Ejector?

Ejectors are simple, static devices that use the energy within a high-pressure motive fluid to entrain and compress a low-pressure suction fluid to an intermediate discharge pressure.

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Advantages of VNTEC’s Ejector

Our Ejectors deliver chemicals more safely and with greater precision and reliability than traditional delivery methods. There is no moving parts, ejector system is also a safe system because the injected chemical is not under pressure. If the water flow stops, injection stops instantly. Where other mechanical dosing pumps may wear and fail, Ejectors offer seamless, reliable performance day in, day out.

Cấu tạo Ejector

Ejectors are made of types: plastic (glued or screwed) or stainless steel (threaded or flanged) or other…(option), water flow up to 100m3/h or more, can be installed in parallel with multiple units .

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